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Enter the Akashic Records of your Divine Souls Blue Print
Discover your Next Step in Evolution

Taking Powerful and Confident Leaps into Your Heart Centered Life

Discover a Deeper Sense of Self

What does Your Souls Divine Blue Print have to show you?
Go within.... deeper than you have before......
Discover and Feel the Healing needed to Live in
Accordance to your Life's Purpose.

Lacey is Passionate about helping you become more of who you truly are.  Let her walk you through a guided meditation entering your Hall of Records.  Discover your next steps in your life.   

Entering the Akashic Records has led many into instantaneous realizations about the next steps on their life journey.   Healing has continued days and even weeks after a session. 

Lacey takes you on your inner journey with gentleness and awareness to what is needed for your session.


Rebecca says: 

Lacey and I have been working together for years.  She is startlingly accurate to date. 


My most recent Akashic records reading resonated with me on a spiritual and physical level.  It was 100% on point, deeply insightful, and put framework around my current life purpose and how it relates to my past lives.


The effect of this reading was solidifying and brought positivity & direction to my current emotional & spiritual state. 

Jolene says: 
I have had the privilege of working with Lacey Jackson for the past three years, and impressed with all aspects of her offerings. She has been an incredible force in my life and continues to be so. I jumped at the opportunity to explore something new with the Akashic Records. I discovered it not only delved more deeply into my specific questions, but also expanded the insights through a more enhanced introspective evaluation.  I sense a continued journey over time with each session enabling me to achieve a greater understanding of not only myself,  but my relationship to others and the universe in general. My quest is to perpetually deepen my understanding of myself to all things in this world and beyond. I believe accessing the Akashic Records is a path to that further enlightenment goal.

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