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She was able to communicate well with my guides and transfer a lot of important advice. She was also very informative and gave specific details concerning expectations all in a very reasonable amount of time. I was very satisfied with our session.


Lacey is a wonderful reader. She gets riight in there and gives you the information you need. What a treat and a delight.


I know... I have a lot to process! Thank you so much for assisting my clarity. This call resonated perfectly with my positive expectations! You told me exactly what I needed to hear and I am grateful!

This was my first call of this sort and I was pleasantly surprised by my comfort and trust in the experience. I didn't get answers per see as much as validation of what my spirit has been whispering to me all my life. I have been given permission to be me, essentially. Thank you, Lacey. Love & Light!

Great call! I saw a new and fresh perspective to my situation. Thank you!

she knew things that were only in my head, i hadn't even told anyone i was thinking about some of these things!!!she was very polite and respectful of what was being said but at the same time it was fun and easy going!!

It was clear to me from the onset that Lacey was there to help me and to be of service. She gave me not only support and confidence, but also very practical advice that I could use in my future career endeavors. What lovely, sweet energy!

I received an exquisite image to work with during my reading, and appreciate the sensitivity, accuracy and precision in her reading of my experience right now. This was amazing! I still have the image she shared with me as I write this. There was no extra "fluff" or "filler", just exactly on- target information and advice. I really like that compassion came with the clarity - a combination that is not always found together. Here it was in such a perfect balance that it felt like a healing and a reading! I'll be calling Lacey again soon, and you can count on her for wisdom and support!


Excellent reading! She was a tremendous help , helping me work through a situation that has developed. I feel more relaxed and able to move forward with more clarity. Thank you


Thank you Lacey! you were so right on in many aspects. You definately helped as I go through this change. I anxiously await my "ah" moment and will try harder to hear my angels. Thank you!

lacey is a spiritual warrior!!! she always gets me through to the other side in one piece and even beter than before!!


thank u like always!!! she is a great sister, ur amazing!!!!!


Many blessings. It was a pleasure to talk with you and receive a reading.


I appreciate your insight and lovely manner in which it is conveyed.


Lacey was very honest and insightful.


Would def come back for more reading and recommend her!! 


Lacey is super fast with accessing information. Very helpful. Got clarification on situation to make better decision.


Lacey is wonderful, SUPER gifted, great angel advice, love advice, parenting advice, which comes from her loving self and from our loving angels.


Lacey will always always place a thick layer of positive love and positive outlook in every situation I face leaving no fear, no anxiety..just love and action! Thanks Lacey for being so wonderful.


Lacey your just the best. Thank you for your support and validation. You are right on cue with your predictions. I will keep my fingers cross with what is yet to come.


I gave Lacey a horse question, which isn't her specialty, but she tuned right in and was spot on!


Gave me some much needed info. Thanks bunches!!


Lacey - Always a pleasure! I so very much loved your reading.


You tuned-in perfectly and gave on-point direction. Thank you!


Lacey is so very helpful in seeing how the situation is and what I can do to help myself! She also is so gentle and warm. I love her energy!


Lacey was so motivating, even on a subject that was emotionally difficult for me. She gave me focus and clarity and I left the call feeling like I could overcome the challenges. Thanks Lacey!


I am in an odd situation w/my career and Lacey quickly picked up on the uncertainty of my job. Gave really good insight and how to move forward.

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