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My Life has been an Interesting One for sure! Every day I am filled with Gratitude with the way it has unfolded especially with the Hell I went through earlier in my life.  I wasn't always as Positive as I am these days. 

As a teen, my motto was Sex, Drugs, & RocknRoll.  I also had a motto of making more money.  You see, my parents were against buying me the high fashion, Star Jeans and the expensive shoes I had to have.  So even though I partied a lot, I was always disciplined to work and to work hard.  My parents both worked, my mom, a nurse, my dad worked in quality control at a factory.  They both had the same job for many years.  I, on the other hand, babysat, cooked food for purchase, and of course sold drugs.  I worked at Dairy Queen, and also at the mall.  Oh Yeah, and I went to school, barely.  I always made sure I got the letters that came home to my parents, telling them of my numerous absences.  I did graduate though probably thanks to my mom telling the principle that they could keep me since she was only finding out about the possibility of me not graduating a month before graduation.  It probably was the times we lived in as well.  There wasn't much attention on kids doing drugs or failing at school.  Heck, the hall my locker was in would reek so bad of pot once a week when I would sell from my locker.  Anyway.. I could go on and on about that but ..... I have lots more to say.... 

I partied hardy and couldn't wait to get out of my parents house.  The day I turned 18, I loaded up my stuff, moved down to Portland so I could be free.  It amazes me as I think back of the tenacity I had.   Even though drugs immersed my life, I still held a high standard of making it to work.  Oh.. except when I would go on a bender and miss a few days.... but I had the flu.  I promise. lol...  

Now I have to add that throughout my childhood, I saw some pretty magical stuff.  I didn't understand it to be magical.  There were times I felt one with the Universe.  I craved learning about the unexplained.  What was out there.  I knew there had to be more.  I read the Bible, even though my parents had no interest in religion or spirituality.  I invited myself to church with friends.  As a teenager, I would drop friends off at the mall while I sought out psychics I found by my constant search for meaning. 

When I was 21, I was in a motorcycle accident, long story short.... I was classified as disabled by the state.  That is how I got the state job a couple years later that added to the already drain of addiction.  I felt like I was shriveling up from the inside out doing a job that was not filled with passion at all.  I was slowly dying a souls death. 

Having this motorcycle accident opened me up to energy work because I was such a rebel that I was not going to claim being disabled and deal with the pain of my leg for the rest of my life. I started noticing that when I 'loved' my leg and sent healing energy to it, that is made a huge difference.  During the same time I also numbed myself with addictions, men, sex, drugs, and food... anything!  I was still missing out on a happiness, a peace that I knew must exist but I just hadn't found it yet.  

I could write a book about all of this and more.... Oh I have... lol.. here it is... My book tells more of my story.

I ended up losing custody of my oldest son the same week I gave birth to his brother. (The Worse pain I have ever experienced) It had been a long time of back and forth custody battle and finally my ex had won.. it just so happened the court date was the day I went into labor.  I was angry, so angry, so ashamed.  I know this didn't help my precious little one I was bringing into the world. I didn't know better at the time.

I also involved myself with a man who the FBI warned me about during our dysfunctional relationship.  As it turned out he sits in prison for life.  That is another story that is in my book.  Years of struggling with addictions, of all sorts, it took me quite some time to figure it out. (Do we ever have it figured out?) 

Today, I look back at what I have shared with you and know there is sooooo much more I went through.  But the bottom line is this...  ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!  When you set your mind to change something about yourself you no longer identify with, IT CAN BE DONE!  Yes!  It takes willpower. It takes work.  It takes being willing to jump off the cliff into the unknown to do something you have only dreamed of.  I am here to tell you that it takes discipline, motivation and learning how to listen to your intuition.  This is what I am passionate about.  I teach you how to have the motivation, the discipline, and to actually take action on the intuition you are receiving.  

Every day I witness someone who has a bigger vision but the fear of disappointing others, failing, being a success, or something in their life that is keeping them in their box, stops them from acting.  The box they sit in is uncomfortable but because they have been playing in this box for so long, they would rather be uncomfortable instead of living life out loud.  


It is about not waiting for the perfect season, the perfect day, or after this or that happens, for you to get to that life you dream of.  It is highly likely that if you have been putting off _______ fill in the blank....losing weight, stepping into a more abundant life style, leaving that relationship, cultivating that relationship, making more money, pivoting your career, stopping your addiction, or whatever it is that you dream of but one excuse after another keeps coming up to yet again put it on the back burner.   Do you want to break those barriers? Do you want to change or finish what you have started?   How about it?  Are you ready to live your life the way you see it in your Vision?


There are so many ways towards enlightenment. There are so many ways to evolving.  There are so many ways to accomplish your dream.  I like to think of it as a bicycle wheel.  All the spokes go to the middle meeting towards one place.  I am here help you to see your own souls blue print so you can live the life you so desire authentically being you and no one else and feeling Awesome doing it. IF I CAN DO IT, YOU DEFINITELY CAN! 


My book tells more of me

As I continue to grow within, I continue to seek more wisdom from within as well as from some great teachers. If you are interested in knowing my "credentials"  click the link below

More Groovy stuff.. like my education, interests and what made me more of who I am today... 



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