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Imagine ... longer worrying about what everyone else thinks and whether they like you or not — and the life-changing magic that comes with that freedom.


...not second-guessing yourself but instead trusting your intuition, so you can let go of bad relationships and invite only positive relationships into your life.


...knowing your authentic self and what she wants, without filtering it through your family or friends’ expectations.


...a rich, full, abundant life full of friends who are on the same journey of authenticity and joy.


...moving through every situation in life with self-assurance and having others look at you and wonder, “How does she do it?”


When you’re a confident, self-assured person who listens to her intuition and knows her authentic self, all kinds of magic happens. 

Intuitive Wellness

The Online Program for People Who Want to Grow Into Their Healthy, Whole Intuitive Selves

Hi, I'm Lacey Dawn Jackson
and I'll be your spiritual mentor for this journey.

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Lifeskills Esoteric Style: Making Yourself Important  (Putting Yourself First)



Transform Your Energy: How Your Internal Life Impacts Your External life



Finding Your Own Intuitive Abilities



Creating Abundance



The Importance of Simplifying Life

 THREE exclusive bonuses to help you get in touch with your intuition even faster:


  • A four-part Video Series on Mysteries of the Lost Lands

  • Health Matters 4 part audio 

  • (2) Video series on Animal Communication 

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Does Any of This Sound Like You?

You feel stuck in a rut of hopelessness and wonder if you’ll ever get out of it. Will you ever be able to change the way you perceive life? Be able to think and FEEL your way into a more positive and fulfilling life?

  1. You do tons of things to distract yourself from your unfulfillment, whether it’s addictive or compulsive behavior, helping everyone else before you help yourself, or analyzing every social interaction to decipher whether people like you or not.

  2. You have low self-esteem, which manifests in sadistic self-talk that you would NEVER say to anyone else! It’s like you have a cruel bully inside your head...which means you can never get away from them.

  3. You’re stuck in a career that’s just not you, and the thought of staying in it for DECADES feels absolutely soul crushing.


If any of those statements resonate with you, then you may have one of these problems:

  1. You have dreams but you don’t know how to achieve them. You look at your mentors on Instagram — at their beautiful lives — and feel like achieving that is totally out of your reach.

  2. You have a spark of awareness of something spiritual out there, and sometimes you get this “touch from the beyond,” but you don’t know how to establish it in your life on an everyday basis. It feels like fleeting inspiration that never goes anywhere.

  3. You don’t trust yourself or your intuition. This is the big one! 

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How is this course different from other intuition courses?

I’ve been doing this for over 30 years, so I’ve been through it all — all the fads that have come and gone. I KNOW what works and what will really stick and make a difference in your life. The proof is in how I’ve built my dream life by successfully listening to my intuition, plus the hundreds of other awesome people I’ve helped.


How much time does this take?

This is a life changing journey and the techniques you learn in this course can be used every day. Each module builds upon another. Each module can take only a couple hours a week to do. But it is encouraged to practice the techniques you learn throughout your daily routine.  


Does this work on Mac/PC/my phone/my tablet?

Yes! This course works on any internet browser on any device.

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Lacey through her training and guidance has helped me navigate many situations in my life.  She has helped me to find my inner compass to trust my intuition.  She is a trusted advisor

 Cindy, WA

I can not Thank You enough for being the facilitator for me.  Earth is a tough school and I have grown so much spiritually speaking.  You must see how your part in my soul mission has been fundamental.  I just want you to know how important you have been for me and I Thank you for it.

Sarah, Canada

I am Very Satisfied with your Intuitive Wellness Retreat.  I really enjoyed all the tips, tricks & techniques.  I love the practical applications you showed us so I can use them in my everyday activities.

Melanie, NY

Thank you Lacey for offering such a wonderful class on personal development. I have learned so much and I’m  looking forward to the next one!

Mary,  UT

Lacey's class really helped me bring myself back into balance. So many times we are pulled too many directions, or too far one way and forget our center, ourselves, in the process.


Sandy, NY

I recommend this class to anyone who is ready to learn more, develop skills, get back to their center, and those ready to reclaim their life!


Jolene, WA

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