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Thanks for stopping by!  Here’s a little about why I am here for you! 


I've been in the healing arts field for over 30 years.  I have always been interested in the esoteric realms since I was a child.  My journey has led me from healing myself on the physical plane, to delving deeper into the spiritual plane and everything in between.  I have worked with numerous mentors and my certifications are too numerous to count.

(You can read more about that here ...


I continue to do this work that I call Intuitive Wellness because I see a need for others to actually follow through with the intuitive nudges they are receiving but doubting.  My mission is to help you become the person you dream of being, letting go of all the blocks and resistance you are feeling and becoming more of the awesome person you are meant to become.  This always leads to more Abundance and a fulfilling life path. 

Let me help you do this! 

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are you ready to

manifest the reality you desire?

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